Friday, April 27, 2012

Carl Crawford: Still Broken

I thought this was going to be Crawford's year. I really, truly hoped for it. He's a likeable guy, a good player, and just about any other nice thing you could think to say about him. I hated him when he played against us because he always made us look bad.

Well, he's still making us look bad.

I know it's only April. But Crawford started the season with a wrist injury that he's been rehabbing. And now it's his elbow... a sprained ulnar collateral ligament. He's been shut down from baseball activities again. This time, he's expected to miss upwards of three months. And what are the odds that in July, he'll be ready to play? He won't. A couple of rehab starts, maybe a couple of setbacks, and you're looking at maybe a September return. Or maybe this is just a lost season for Carl.

The Sox knew about his wrist before they signed him. Specifically, Theo Epstein, the asshole who ruined the team and then fled like a coward to Chicago, knew about the injury and still threw bags and bags of hundred dollar bills at him. The money Crawford is making from the contract he's currently signed to will be enough to ensure financial security for his great, great grandkids. And while the Sox are paying his absurd contract, our outfield consists of Ryan Sweeney, Marlon Byrd, and whoever else is not injured. It's bad.

I feel for Carl. He did not ask for these injuries, and if someone had presented me a contract as large as the one Theo gave him, I would have signed it, too. He didn't ask to struggle last season, and I won't believe anyone who said he wasn't trying. While I feel for him, I think it's time for me to admit to myself that this isn't his season either.

Hopefully we'll see him back at Fenway at some point. He's still got some redeeming to do....

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