Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trot Nixon: He Brings The Win

Just like a complete and total fangirl, during the Nomar celebration (why are we honoring him again? I mean, didn't we already do a bunch for him? I digress...) when they announced Trot Nixon, I literally squealed with joy. Complete and total joy. Little Tek, whether or not he actually looks like Tek at the moment, is just... I just love him. Completely. His last game at Fenway is recorded and saved on my DVR. When I'm putting together my yearly calendar, Little Tek still gets his own page. I still celebrate his birthday (not that that's hard, it's the same day as Tek's! Do we understand the nickname now? He's two years younger!) I squealed, I shook my hands excitedly while pointing to the TV, and I smiled endlessly while he was in my line of vision. I wondered out loud if we could just keep him and put him in right field. We don't have to tell anyone it's not JD Drew. Trot could be our little secret.

Honestly, no offense intended to JD who has been outperforming my expectations in the last couple of weeks. I just miss Trot. Yesterday reinforced how much I miss him, but it was just fantastic to see the dirt dog's smiling face. The ceremony was nice though. All I kept thinking was 'what is Nomar going to do with those two old, rickety chairs?' It was a nice gesture, though. Nomar seemed genuinely touched.

Lackey took my advice and learned something from Jon Lester. That was a damn good performance, and you won't hear me complaining. Seven innings, one run, and only 2 hits. He joins Jon on the 'under 4.00 ERA club'... they're both staring at you, Beckett. Time to pull your shit together, too. Really, this is how our pitching staff SHOULD be pitching, so it's great to see them starting to live up to their potential. You'll get zero complaints out of me! Also... Bard? Nasty. Loved it! He was consistently getting that fastball up to 99 mph and locating well. What's not to like about that? Paps? Not as nasty, but awesome anyway. In the two innings that B-P worked, they totaled zero hits, 2 strikeouts, and no walks. Beautiful way to end the game.

Munchkin has another awesome defensive play last night. This doesn't surprise me, but I am happy about it anyway. We came thisclose to hitting into a triple play. Some would argue that Wolverine DID hit into a triple play, but the play was too close to be sure one way or the other. I'm glad that it wasn't called a TP; that would have hurt. A little bit of luck went into that. I thank Little Tek.

And a huge, ENORMOUS amount of happiness came from Papi last night. What was Dustin Pedroia saying about a laser show? Has it started already? I was just happy to see Papi do well. He needed that, that's for sure. Apparently, Papi was the only one who got the memo that Joel Piniero is NOT A GOOD PITCHER! Goodness, how come every time he comes back to Fenway, we treat him like he's the second coming of Cy Young? This frustrates me to no end. But it doesn't matter. We pulled out a W. It was a good night.

Off topic, slightly... Milton Bradley has finally reached out for help for his emotional issues. I'm not going to crack any jokes or make fun of him, because he needs the help. I'm glad he's finally ready to get it. I wish him well. Maybe he'll actually be able to turn himself around a little. He's got the talent to be a star, but his anger has always held him down. Good luck, Milton!

Further off topic... I still love Tuukka Rask. It's a made up name! It has to be! But Tuukka and the Bruins managed to pull ahead of the Flyers 3-0 yesterday. Good job by the B's. I think the C's are playing tonight, so maybe they can go ahead and win? That would be nice. While we're waiting to see what the Celtics do, Daisuke will be taking the mound against Scott Kazmir. I'll be watching with my hand over my eyes. Not to say I have no faith in Dice-K... but I sort of don't. Here's hoping that he proves me wrong.

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girlanachronism said...

Your feelings about Trot are pretty much how I feel whenever I get a glimpse of Billy Mueller again. I will always adore him.