Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ronald McDonald: Welcome Back!

Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. So all that sadness about Ronald being designated for assignment was for nothing. The Sox apparently changed their minds after learning that CRW was hurting.

It was nicely strange for Francona to be able to welcome McDonald back to the team less than 24 hours after he informed him that he was going to be a roster casualty.

"We tell our guys when these happen, 'Make the adjustment, go down and work on some things.' He did it as well as you can," quipped Francona.

Meanwhile, reliever Scott Atchison, who had just been recalled from Triple-A Pawtucket on Monday, was designated for assignment to make room for Cameron.

So it is with extreme happiness that I move Ronald's name back to the current player list to your right. I feel bad for Atchinson, but because I hadn't really seen much that I liked from him, it was hard to build an emotional connection. I feel bad. I know a little bit of his back story, and he was really happy to be in Boston because his little girl is sick and he was thrilled to have access to the best hospitals in the world. I wish him nothing but the best, and hope his daughter is doing good. I hate to see the dreaded DFA happen to anyone, but I acknowledge that it's part of the business. The business side of baseball is sucky, but it's necessary. Good luck, Scott. I hope you land on your feet. And welcome back, Ronald!

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