Tuesday, May 11, 2010

John Lackey: Good Enough, I Guess

I'm exhausted today. Don't know why, but I didn't sleep very well last night, so I'm going to make this really short and painless for all involved. Instead of my usual 1000-word ramblings about whatever strikes my little mind, I'm breaking yesterday down in to a few cute, quick bullet points. You'll have to forgive my slackerhood, but I just can't muster much in terms of comprehensive thought. Ok, here we go!

-John Lackey wasn't good. He was actually very frustrating to watch, especially in the early innings. Getting a win doesn't make you good, and it doesn't give me faith in you.
-Gonzo, my shortstop binky, was robbed of a home run. I don't know, I saw that replay over and over and I'm pretty sure it cleared the line (and even if it didn't... again, he's my Binky. I don't care). If it were anyone else, I wouldn't have minded. Because it was Gonzo, I was mad for him. He ended up scoring anyway.
-BOP closed the game for Lackey... though yesterday they were OBP... but accounting for how few baserunners they allowed collectively, they were probably the opposite of OBP.
-VMart continues to frustrate me with his inability to not ground into double plays or potential double plays. Blue Jay's terrible fielding and his single and 3 RBI's were his saving graces. I've got my eye on you, Martinez. Cut the shit.
-Papi got a hit and an RBI. That is good by my standards for him. Because I love Papi.
-JD is suffering from vertigo again. That honestly sucks. Being uncontrollably dizzy is a horrible thing.
-Josh Beckett got pushed back, so again, Tito tweaking the rotation has assured I will not see Beckett when I head out to Fenway. Tito does this to me a LOT. Ugh.
-BUT, that does mean that Wakey gets moved back to the rotation. Perhaps it has something to do with him stealing handwarmers from his fellow bullpen pirates?
-Back up over .500 for Dice-K. Can I cover my eyes again?

See? See how adorable those were. Ok, back to caffeine and school work. My life is exciting.

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