Thursday, June 4, 2009

That's Mr. Awesome To You

I would like to point out that on a night where Mike Lowell got ejected for probably only the third time in his career*, he also managed to rack up his 1,500th hit as a big leaguer.

We're hitting milestones left and right now, aren't we?

Tito and his 500th win
Drew and his 200th home run
Now Mikey and his 1500th hit.

MLB predicts that there will be a few more milestones this year for the Red Sox... we're expected to see David Ortiz's 1000th RBI (he's at 989 right now), Mr. Lowell's and Mark Kotsay's 1500th games (1460 right now for Mikey, and 1451 for C+), David Ortiz's 5000th AB (4818 now), Ortiz's 300th HR (he needs 9... doesn't it seem like should have been here way before this season?) Mikey's 400th double (he needs 31 more). All of these hitting milestones are expected to happen this season? Will they? I'm sure most of them will.

As for Penny, he's on the verge of his 100th win. He's got 99 right now. Timmy Wakefield is 55 strike outs short of 5000. Hopefully we'll see both of those milestones hit this season!

Now, about Mikey Lowell's ejection. I'm doing some research, because I can't imagine that he's been ejected very often in his career. He's so calm and level headed on the field. This is what I've found:

-6.03.09 - vs. DET
-7.25.08 - vs. NYY
-6.25.07 - vs. SEA
-8.18.02 - vs. SF

That's it. That's all I could find. Four times? You know what? That doesn't surprise me. I may have missed some along the way, but it's kind of a hard stat to find, apparently.

Anyway, congratulations again to our milestone hitters and manager. I hope to see plenty more milestones this year.

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