Friday, June 12, 2009

Brad Penny: Way More Than I Expected

Perhaps it's not fair. Perhaps it's even downright mean of me, but truth be told, whenever I hear Brad Penny is pitching, I cringe. Just a little. Barely a cringe, really, because I try to be a good Sox fan and be supportive. He just fails to impress me usually. Last night was not the case. Last night, he was a super shiny Penny. He was the kind of Penny where, if you're walking down the street and you spot it just lying there, glimmering in the sun you just have to run over and pick it up. And it becomes the bright spot in your day. He glistened, and it wasn't just because of the rain. Six innings, six hits, no runs. Really, can you ask for anything more from the number five guy in your rotation? His ERA is even down below 5.5!

Delcarmen, on the other hand, didn't enjoy his night nearly as much. 3 runs in 2/3rds of an inning brings his ERA up to 2.08. I don't care what anyone says about ERA. Especially in June, I still feel it's a good indicator of how someone is pitching. The thing is that it was a rare game for Manny, to be sure. He's been good this year. I don't expect a repeat performance any time soon. Saito turned in a stellar performance, saving Manny from any more trouble. Nine pitches for Paps? Awesome.

And how about that Papi, huh? Almost looks like he's finally charged his batteries and is at full power. Shame that he probably won't be playing in Philly this weekend, because he could really use the momentum.

Is there any doubt that Munchkin and Captain Planet pretty much gave us the win in the last two innings? Yeah, didn't think so.

Beating the Yankees is fun. Beating them 8 times to open the season is very fun. Keeping a win streak alive is even better, so... yeah. Keep it up, Sox.

I really want to write more... I do.... I'm just so damned tired from a long week and a lot of rain. I can't make it through the rest of today. Why do we not have nap time at work?!

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