Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beckett: Not So Secret Weapon

Holy hell, was Josh good last night or what? I really try to keep my hype down (do I?), but that was exciting. I think the base hit off of him should have gone as an error. As much as I enjoyed the play, and I thought Munchkin did an amazing job getting to that... he had the ball in his hand and dropped it. Had he not dropped it, I really think Cano would have been out at first. It's an error. Beckett was taken out in the 6th inning of a no-hitter.

It's ok though. Where are all these no-hit innings from Beckett coming from? I love it. I hope he remembers to stock up for his next start against the Phillies. How sad is it that the Phillies are world champions and I was sitting at a restaurant with my friends the other day, and we could name two definite Phillies, and a few likely Phillies. Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins were the definites. Chase Utley and.... hmm, now I can't even remember who were the possibles. I'm bad with names, but this is inexcusable.

Like last Saturday's game... my friend said something about the guy starting against Lester. I couldn't think of his name to spare my life, but I managed to remember that he was 1-2 with a 6.90 ERA and a pretty good fastball. Why can I remember that and not remember what his name is? I don't get it. I think his name was Holland.

Anyhow, lovely pitching by Josh. Had it not been for the long waits, we would not have scored any runs and Josh could have pitched into the 9th. I'll take the runs and let the bullpen get a little work. I don't mind. I have a shockingly high level of faith in our 'pen, even if they do make me a little nervous.

And now, a note to Tito....
Dear Tito,
I can call you Tito, can't I? Of course I can. We're buddies. Tito, my friend, I know that when the crowd is chanting PA-PI! PA-PI! PA-PI! you probably just want us to shut up and get back to the game. I've seen you drag him out of the dugout for a curtain call. And that's ok, he was struggling. It was his second home run of the year. I have no issues with that. My issue is that I'm worried about this becoming a trend. I'm sorry, I don't think curtain calls are warranted for every home run. His first one, yes. His second one, ok. The third one? Now we're getting ridiculous. Please stop dragging him out. I feel that by doing that, you're just highlighting the struggles he's gone through. He obviously doesn't want the extra attention, so let him be. Thanks.
PS - I love you for playing Green as much as you've been. Thank you!

It really was an all-around good night for the Sox. The hitting clicked, the pitching clicked, the fielding was clean.... man, I would feel greedy asking for any more than that.

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