Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lester: A Return to the Awesome

Yes, I'll slap myself the hardest if this post proves to jinx Jon, but damn if I'm not impressed. All those issues between Joshua and Jonathan early in the year? Do you remember them? They seem so far away these days. I can't even think of a phrase disgustingly sweet and mushy enough to describe my love for these two.

Back when Johnny was just a rookie and he routinely loaded the bases and worked his way out of it (who remembers that?), I would tell people that he's a good pitcher and that we shouldn't trade him. Most people thought I was retarded. Well, I can honestly say that I feel vindicated now. In your FACE everyone who doubted me and/or Jon!

I may be one of five people in existence who wasn't surprised or saddended by John Smoltz's not-so-stellar performance last week. I wrote it myself - I have no expectations for the guy. I don't care what team he was facing. In case people didn't know, the Nats actually have some good hitters. It's generally their pitching that lets them down, so maybe we should rag on our hitters instead of our future Hall of Fame super amazing starter/closer who was just returning from a year's worth of arm trouble. Or we can all just chalk it up to a bad game and be genuinely excited for his start tonight!

That's right. They're gonna let him pitch again. And why not? He's bound to be better than Dice-K, yes?

However, I do want to give a shout-out to our resident dyslexic, David Jonathan "JD" Drew for his near-cycle feat last night. I don't even remember if I've ever watched anyone hit for the cycle... I'm sure that's the kind of thing I'd remember, so I guess I haven't... but it seems like it would be awfully fun.

I was so ambitious at the beginning of June to get a lot of entries written. Oh well, I guess I failed. Maybe July will be better but I wouldn't count on it.

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