Friday, May 22, 2009

Lester: No I'm Not Impressed Yet

Lester is my boy. Anyone who's ever read this blog knows that I adore him. That being said, he's been just short of awful this year. For every one good start we've gotten from Jon, we've gotten 2-3 bad starts. So until he can show me a little good consistency, I'm not getting excited.

It's not even that he pitched particularly well. He didn't. He only had one clean inning, and he pitched only 6 1/3. Granted, he only gave up one run and it didn't even score until he was out of the game, but he looked to be struggling a little. I'll give credit to the Jay's lineup for that. They tend to be pretty hard on Jon, and they definitely made him work for his win. Nice to see a sweep of the AL East leader though.

It's good to see our two "top" guys get their ERA's below 6. How about below 4? THAT would be impressive. Nice job, Timothy Wakefield.

We have two starters left with ERAs over 6.00. Penny is one of them. He's actually been pitching well enough that I'm expecting the ERA to come down instead of to go up. I give credit where credit is due (usually), and he's been decent for us. The other one with the ERA over six... well... let's just say it's been a while since we've seen him, and he didn't really have much of a chance to get that ERA down at all.

We're dealing with Johan Santana tonight, and let me just say that I'm going to watch this game with one eye closed. Santana is just GOOD. The Mets, maybe not so much, but Santana is. And Dice-K (who is he? he doesn't look like the guy who's been pitching as our number 3....) is just coming off a month on the disabled list, so my expectations are so low that I don't even have any. Realism. Yeah.

JayBay hit a home run that should have never been a home run. Lugo was called safe at first on a play where Millar got his foot back on the bag AND Lugo never touched the base. I couldn't figure out the home plate umpire's strike zone to save my life. I'll admit, the Jays got the short end of the luck stick in the game last night, but every team has those games. We've had plenty of them already this season.

I was happy with the game. How could I not be? We floundered out west and came into a home series that very well could have shipped us into third place, and we held firm. Great! I didn't expect the sweep, but I'm happy about it. And I'm happy I got to see Ducky and his ridiculous facial hair.

Have a great long weekend, everyone! I'll be reporting back in on Tuesday hopefully with a quick wrapup (or a long one if necessary) of the Mets series. Happy Memorial Day!

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