Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jon Lester: Exactly What I Hoped For

You know how when you're craving something, nothing else is going to make the craving go away except the one thing that you want? That's why so many diets fail, because people try to replace what they really want with something they don't want, and then they end up cracking and eating what they originally wanted any way. Twice the calories just to get something you should have had to begin with.

My point? Not too sure. I had one before I went off on that diet rant. The diet rant occured because I'm eating banana chips. Have you ever had banana chips? They're freaking delicious. I've been craving them a lot. Sort of like I've been craving a good start from one of our aces... ah-HA, so it does tie in!

This version of Lester, I can be happy with. He pushed through seven innings, with 10 K's and only 3 runs. It was exactly what I wanted to see. I'm satiated now. I've got nothing to complain about from yesterday's game. That's also because I'm so tired from staying up until 1 AM that my poor sleep deprived brain can't focus on anything long enough to let it bother me right now.

I had a faux-adventurous night last night, flipping between the Celtics, the Sox, and... gasp! The WW(F)E. Yeah. I used to be a huge pro-wrestling addict. It's always been my favorite soap opera, but once Vince bought WCW, I stopped enjoying it. I felt that they were doing stupid things with the characters and the company, and I just didn't feel the love for it any more. My friend Dave convinced me to watch it (by using the words 'ugh, Matt Hardy's on'... yeah, that's all it takes for me to break my vow of no-pro-wrestling). Then he sent me Steve Austin's HOF speech, and I was just delightfully giddy for the rest of the night. So the Sox game seemed so much more wonderful. I'm a complete dork in that regard. There are characters that I'm ALWAYS going to like, and expect to remain the same. So watching wrestling was an interesting adventure for me, seeing how the characters have changed, who's gone, who's still there, and seeing that Shane McMahon now looks more like Vince than ever before. And he still does the same exact top-rope death-defying jump onto some greasy jerk, or in the case of last night... onto a table. He's been doing that forever.

So Pap's rough 9th inning? It's all good. Steve Austin rocks. Youk leaving the game with an injury? Matt Hardy has silly new ring gear. Julio Lugo still exists? Christian has kick-ass ring music. Nothing is getting this stupid smile off of my face today, except for possibly Joshua. We'll see what Joshua brings to the table tonight.

And I'd be damned if I forgot to mention Mikey and JBay HR'ing last night. Things of beauty, those guys are. We're lucky to have them on our team. Ortiz's two doubles? Come on, you didn't really think he was done, did you? He's starting up. He'll be ok. Lay off him now. Thanks!

I'm very sleepy... and yet I'm in such a good mood. Weird. That's not a combination that usually happens. Mmm, banana chips.

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