Monday, May 4, 2009

Bullpen Band: Too Exhausted For Encores

Our bullpen is getting absolutely slammed by our starters' inability to go more than a few innings. Commander and Binky have been the worst culprits. Penny is next on the list. Wakey and Fetus had the unfortunate timing of having their shorter outings happen the two nights following our aces' terrible performances. I can't rip on Wakey and Fetus, because they have overall pitched their share of innings.

Well, it's time for the guys at the top of our order to go further into a game than five innings. Five innings is not enough. Manny Delcarmen looks injured. Hunter Jones, Ramon Ramirez, Hideki Okajima, and all the other pen guys have been pitching every night it seems. They need a break. We need a complete game, or at least seven innings, out of Jon tonight. He hasn't put it together yet, so I'm skeptical that he'll actually give us what we need, but I can hope.

Joshua tomorrow is another matter altogether. Don't even get me started.

No, I'm not yet concerned about David Ortiz. Yes, he looks terrible at the plate, and you can throw him just about anything and he'll swing at it. But that's what happens when a good hitter is going through a tough stretch. It seems like everything gets them out. I believe that he can turn it around, home runs or no home runs. Big Papi is still Big Papi. No more sillliness out of the media, please. (Yeah, like that's going to happen)

Why don't we rip on Julio Lugo instead? The team was going so well until he came back. Yesterday, he was 0-4. There were two plays he didn't make that I have NO idea how he didn't get errors for. Ok, well the first one, I have an idea. You can't assume a double play... ever. He got one out. It went as a force out, so I can see why he didn't get the error. The second play... that terrible throw to Youk, THAT should have been an error. His two misplays caused two runs to happen, but because they weren't charges as errors, they became earned runs. Bastard! We, uh, lost by two runs in case someone wasn't keeping track.

Saturday's game, Captain Planet played, and we won.
Friday's game, Lugo played, went 1-4, and we lost.
Thursday's game, Lugo played, got no hits, and we had a damn near perfect game thrown against us.
Wednesday's game, Captain Planet played, and we won.
Tuesday's game, Lugo played, went 2-3, made an error, and we lost.

I know it's super convenient for me to blame the last four losses on POS's return because it's wll documented that I don't like him. I never will. But come on... we were on an 11-game win streak, and all of a sudden, the old, useless SS comes back, and we go 3-4 in two series? Yes, it's perfectly logical of me to completely discount the fact that when we're on the road, this team looks like a bunch of kids who have never played baseball before. That's irrelevant. I blame POS. The more he plays, the more we lose.

When does the team return to Fenway? I could really go for some wins. I guess it could have been worse. We won the first series, and we didn't get swept in the second one. I should be more optimistic. So, I'm going to try to force ten positive things to carry over into tonight's game... here we go.

1) Penny pitched very well. That actually falls under the category of 'quality start' doesn't it? 3 ER in 6 IP? I think it does!
2) Rambo has still not allowed a run to score.
3) We only left seven men on base.
4) Munchkin was not caught stealing.
5) Drew had 3 hits.
6) Papi had one walk and no strike outs. So while he's not making GOOD contact, he's still making contact.
7) Buck Martinez was not announcing the game, and we didn't have to listen to him constantly mispronouncing "OR-tiz"... does he pronounce his own last name as "MAR-tinez"? Come on now... someone could have at least told him he was saying it wrong. That's just embarassing.
8) Kevin Youkilis is still batting over .400, and is hitting for power.
9) The Yankees don't run as well as Tampa Bay... and we have a lefty with a good pickoff move on the mound tonight.
10) We get until Friday before we have to face TB again.

Think positively everyone. They'll be ok

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