Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wakefield: Getting It Done Again

With my apologies to Joshua Beckett, who pitched wonderfully the other day and still, apparently, did not deserve a blog post...

I couldn't have asked for a better game. Well, I could have, but I don't want to seem greedy. I got my first official Ducky-at-Fenway sighting for the season, and my feathered friend even managed a home run. That, of course, was the only run the Jays would score on the night.

I am slightly disturbed at the way we've been scoring runs in patterns. The last two games, we've scored two runs in each. From the 10th through the 15th, we scored four runs. No more, no less. That's four runs for each starter once. Only twice it was enough to get a win. Twice, we lost 4-5. The two wins went to Joshua and Fetus. Does this pattern mean we will only score 2 runs tonight? I hope not. I'd really like to see them put up a bigger fight, but the guy we're going against tonight has been good thus far this season. Hey, everyone has bad days, right?

Youkilis should be activated before today's game. I need to remind myself that he's coming back from injury so his timing might not be there. I have to temper my expectations. I think I've got them tempered. We'll see.

A lot has been made about Papi's struggles at the plate. I think each time he's reminded how long it's been since he's hit a home run, that's another day that the pressure of not having a home run is going to mess with him. Stop reminding him, media. And good job, people at Fenway last night. That's the kind of love and support our big man needs in this really, really rough stretch for him.

Actually, I'd prefer to look at Mike Lowell's struggles at the plate. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "But hey... Lowell HAS home runs, and his batting average is a respectable .289. That's what you're thinking, right? Well, he's grounded into 11 double plays so far this season. The most he's ever had in a season is 22. Right now, he's on pace for about 35. Do I think that Mikey will hit into 35 DP's this year? God I hope not. It's possible, but I hope not. In the last 7 days, Mike is batting .211. Yes, .211. But it always feels like there's a big hit in there, doesn't it?

My point is this. Guys go through their struggles. Doesn't mean that you stop believing in them. I really, truly, wholeheartedly liked to see that reaction from the fans last night for David Ortiz. The guy needs all the love we can give him. If we can support Mikey through his struggles, we can definitely support Papi. Positive vibes, happy thoughts, and plenty of clapping kept tinker bell alive and she was just a tiny little fairy. Papi needs the same stuff, just in much higher doses. So get to clapping, folks! And just as a disclaimer, I only used Mikey Lowell because I adore him and I want to show that you can criticize even the guys you adore, and still love them.

Penny tonight. I don't know whether to shield my eyes or pull up a chair. We'll see.

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