Thursday, May 14, 2009

Timothy: Giving Me A Good Excuse To Catch Some Sleep

Listen, it's not that I didn't think they had a chance to come back, but Thursdays are typically long days for me. When the score went to 8-4, I shut the TV off and went to sleep. I figured if there was a comeback, I'd see it and read about it the next day. If not, I wouldn't be missing anything. Unfortunately, I DID miss Daniel Bard's debut, but by all accounts, it went well.

I'm not gonna get strung out or worked up about one bad outing by Timothy. Thus is the way of the knuckleball. It's something I've had plenty of time to accept. While I may not enjoy watching it knuckle in favor of the opposition, it happens. He was bound to have a bad start sooner or later. He's been fantastic for us so far this year (and for the last decade and a half), so I'm really not worried.

In keeping with the tradition I've tried to sort of almost start after a loss, I'm going to post some positives from last night's game and positives to think about for today's game. I'm hoping that the good vibes will get the team back on track so they can get the series win this afternoon before heading up to Seattle.

So here we go! Positives!

1) This is by far the worst I've seen Tim Wakefield this year, meaning that he's been nothing short of pristine for more than a month already. It's a good sign.
2) Kazerud, the human home run machine, hit another home run. Dear God, that man is going good right now. And who knows, maybe he'll come home with a little color?
3) There were NO fielding errors. I even saw Mikey get to a ball and throw it while nearly lying on the ground. No, he didn't make the play, but if that didn't make you smile, then you should be ashamed.
4) We... uh... didn't leave that many guys on base?
5) Five hits is more than we got that time we were embarrased by Matt Garza not too long ago...
6) Daniel Bard did well!
7) We still scored four runs, despite not having Youk, Munchkin, or Tek
8) When Ortiz finally breaks out, it'll be amazing. Just you wait.
9) Munchkin should be available for today's game... right?
10) Having Wake's ERA over 4.00 for the first time I can remember all season helps him fit in with the rest of the guys in the starting rotation. We don't want Timothy to feel left out, after all...
11) I got to catch up on my sleep, and now I can be truly psyched about the game this afternoon.
12) We only grounded into one double play, which is about three less than our standard.
13) This is the last time we have to go to Angel Stadium this season.
14) The Blue Jays also lost, so we didn't lose any ground in the East.
15) We're facing Ervin Santana straight off an injury, so he might still be rusty.

Alright. I'm psyched and ready for the next game! ... even if I will be in class while they're playing. A series saved is what Penny earns? Ok, I'm trying too hard.

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