Friday, February 6, 2009

Truck Day: It's My Favorite Day

It's not, really, but the whole idea of it finally being here makes me happy.

I was so preoccupied by scooping up more Sox tickets last night that I forgot to buy my Slipknot tickets, and now the show is sold out. Oh well, guess I'll miss out. I've seen them plenty of times though. They generally sing the same things. The charm of baseball games is that you never know who will end up pitching. It's awesome, really. I wonder if I could calculate my starting pitchers yet. That's one of my favorite games... predicting the pitcher, even though it only works out about 20% of the time (changes due to rainouts, postponements, injuries, ect obviously can't be calculated perfectly in advance).

Assuming that the rotation is Commander, Binky, Daisuke, Timothy, and Penny/Smoltz, and assuming that Commander starts the home opener, my hopeful starting pitchers will go like this:

-April 8 - Binky
-April 21 - Wakefield
-June 19 - Binky
-July 4 - Penny/Smoltz
-August 1 - Daisuke
-Sept 4 - Wakefield
-Sept 13 - Binky

So, I'm on track to see my boy Johnny 3 times, and Timothy twice. I need to start planning now to catch a Beckett start. I'm not going a whole season without seeing Beckett again. Not happening. Of course, this is all just speculation. Josh might not be the home opening pitcher (though I really can't imagine that our ace wouldn't be...) and then my entire schedule will get thrown off. It's fun and exciting, though, to try to figure out who I will see. I'm hoping to pick up a few more tix over the course of the season. Hell, I might even wait outside of Fenway one day if I know Josh is pitching. I WILL see Josh pitch this year. Live. In Person. It will happen, and he damn well better win. It's an odd year. But, I seem to have a nice mix of pitchers already.

But yeah! Truck day! Spring training! I'm excited.

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