Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Pitching Schedule: Just A Little Bit Cruel

Just reviewed the pitching matchups for the first few games of the spring. Does it seem just a tad evil to anyone else to give the Minnesota Twins a nicely aged Timmy Wonderpitches and leave the BC kids to fend for themselves against the fantastic piece of pitcher that is Josh Beckett?

I mean, really now. I've obsessed enough over how good Josh looks this spring. He doesn't even have to THROW anything... he didn't come in with that huge, unattractive beer gut. That right there should tell you that he did a little better with the training over the offseason this year than he did last year. An in-shape Josh Beckett would intimidate major league hitters, what do you think the BC kids are thinking?

I know Beckett's only gonna work an inning or two. Any more than that would be crazy, but those poor BC kids... then again, perhaps they like it better this way. I don't know... Josh is the hipper pitcher (yes, I just used the word 'hipper'... shut up), and the kids, they can relate to him and his 96 MPH fastball.... which he probably shouldn't be throwing to them. You know what would be fantastic? If he could snap off some really pretty curveballs. Nothing gets my heart fluttering better than a well-located, hard snapping Beckett curveball*. I think once I get through Wednesday and see a little bit of real, live, now kind of baseball, this craving will calm a little bit and I'll be able to think about things other than probable ERA's and OBP's and SB's and so on...

*Disclaimer: That is a lie. I can list several aspects of Red Sox baseball, and life in general, that get my heart fluttering faster.

My first live game of the year is April 8th. Please let me be seeing Beckett... or Johnny. Aw, hell, what do I care? As long as they win...

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