Sunday, February 15, 2009

Have I mentioned that Beckett looks fantastic?

Now that I'm not at work and actually have access to NESN and the assorted video clips scattered around the 'net of Mr. Beckett doing some throwing down in Fort Myers, I am happy with what I'm seeing. Everything about Beckett makes me happy. I didn't get a chance to hear him address the media this afternoon, but I'm sure I'll catch the highlights somewhere.

When we first got Beckett, I'll admit, I hadn't really cared too much about him. I knew about the '03 Series and such, but other than that, I had paid no attention to his career. After spring training started in '06, I told my friends and coworkers and anyone who would listen, "I am going to absolutely fall in love with this guy. I just know it." And of course, I did. No, I wasn't happy with his 36 home run, 5.01 ERA season, but neither was he. Despite his struggles, everyone knew he was going to be great. And he was. '07 was more than I expected, but I loved it.

I had no point of this post. I'm just happy to see baseball players in baseball uniforms getting ready to play baseball.

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