Thursday, March 29, 2012

Theo: Screws Us Again

Chris Carpenter. It took months to agree for the Cubs to send us Chris Carpenter as compensation for our jerk of a former GM.

And now? Now Chris Carpenter is going to have elbow surgery. And will be out indefinitely. Thanks a lot, Theo, you jackass.

It's not bad enough that Theo signed a bunch of really terrible contracts with guys like John Lackey. It's not enough that he bolted to the Cubs after the worst collapse the Sox have ever suffered. It's not enough that he took complete advantage of our front office (though I blame them more than him for that) in the whole negotiation process for compensation. Now, the compensation we did get is injured, so we essentially got no compensation at all. As if I needed another reason to dislike Theo.

In other news, Jed Lowrie is hurt. Again. Reports coming out of every part of the country say that no one is surprised, and we're all shocked he lasted this long without spraining or breaking something.

Opening day was yesterday. Happy belated opening day, all! Today, in game two of the season, Josh Reddick hit a home run for Oakland that had them sitting pretty atop Seattle the last time I checked. I could check now and see what the final was, but I don't care that much. Because the real opening day is not for another week. Literally, one week from now, we have real, stat-affecting baseball! I can't believe it, either. And just 15 days from now, Opening Day at Fenway. I can't wait. I really cannot wait. If I find a way to fast forward time, I'm doing it. I don't care what special events or important occassions anyone else has in the next 15 days. You're skipping them. Sorry.

In just one week, Jon Lester will take the hill for the first time this season. The anticipation is killing me.

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sportsattitudes said...

Theo's legacy in Boston just grows like the ivy at Wrigley. I see Jed is complaining the infielder blocked his path. Sorry, Jed. I thought playing the game for real was OK. And thanks to Bud Selig for another MLB opener no one knew was taking place.