Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday "Baseball": Three Game Winning Streak!

After beating up on the college kids from Northeastern (25-0) and Boston College (6-3), my favorite boys put together a "legitimate" winning streak during "real" baseball and beat the Twins 8-3. Anyone familiar with spring training will (possibly) understand my (unnecessary) use of quotation marks. I truly and honestly don't care that the games mean nothing. There is baseball involving the Red Sox and they're winning.

Though, if they open up the season with a couple of losses, I'll probably be perturbed that they wasted their wins on meaningless spring games. For now, I'll take them, and I'll be happy.

Admittedly, the ridiculous side of my brain was expecting Josh Beckett to crumble into a pathetic crying pile of pitcher since Tek is no longer behind the plate, but he actually looked pretty good. It irks me when the other team starts off any game with a base hit, but really, I don't have many complaints. Josh held himself together and managed to get through two pretty nifty innings. On a similar note, every time our pitchers collect more strikeouts than hits allowed, you will not hear me whining. In two scoreless innings, Josh collected two K's and only allowed one hit.  And he didn't cry once.

Collecting half of the RBI's for the Sox on Sunday was Lars Anderson performing his hit 'Grand Slam off Jason Bulger.' It's probably a song you've never heard before, but it was quite enjoyable and I would happily listen again if given the chance. Atchison didn't look fantastic, but he still managed to hold the lead. The kids (and vets) were alright given that this is the first "major league" team they've faced since September. It just feels good to have baseball back on TV for now, but give me a week and I'll be craving the fresh blood of a new season. Opening day at Fenway is just a little less than five weeks away....

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