Friday, March 9, 2012

Papelbon Controversy: Should Be No Surprise

This is all I will say about Papelbon's comments regarding the game-intelligence of Boston fans vs. Philly fans...

No part of his $50 million contract was given to him for his brain. In all his years in Boston, I don't believe he uttered a single intellectual phrase. This is a man who danced with a beer box on his head. That being said, how on Earth could anyone truly take to heart anything Papelbon says? He hasn't even played in Philly yet, so he has no basis on which to judge their knowledge of the game.

Don't come crying to us when your new, brilliant fan base rips you apart, Jonathan.When you've just walked off the mound after blowing the Phillies' biggest game of the season (much like you did for the Sox this past September and in October of 2009), come back and tell us how much you love them. I'm sure they're going to love each and every performance of heart-attack theater you will delight them with.

Now can you please just go away for good? I've been done with you for the last three years.


sportsattitudes said...

I heard the entire interview on Philly radio as it happened. I can tell you I was surprised he even "broke down" the two fan bases. Anyone else would have taken the high road and complemented both of them as rabid, enthusiastic audiences...and as you say, especially since he hasn't even PLAYED here yet. Indeed, if he blows a couple games he'll be getting ripped like nobody's business. Philly fans are now pissed he said Boston cares more. Boston fans are now pissed he said Philly is smarter. Didn't like "Poupon" when the trade was announced and I am liking him less each day. He didn't sound too bright yesterday, that's for sure.

Lauren said...

i am glad i didn't see this.