Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still Undefeated: Not Currently Untied

I can still safely say that the Sox are undefeated in the spring... even though if they had let Lester continue to pitch the second inning of the B game, there's a good chance he would have given up some runs.... and despite the fact that the actual game against the Jays ended in a tie. No one has beaten the Sox!

If you think it's silly that I'm taking such joy in meaningless wins, I don't care. I suffered a lot with this team last season. I spent money on postseason tickets that will and can never be used. I put up with an off-season full of listening to people mock the dietary habits of our players, and I had to sit back helplessly and watch two of my honest-to-goodness favorite players retire. I am taking joy in every. Single. Victory. And I will do so shamelessly.

Due to the games not being on TV, I didn't actually get to see either game, but from what I heard and read, it seemed like our boys did well. I also like what I am reading about Iglesias' progress this spring. Does that mean he's guaranteed to have the starting shortstop position or that he'll be a fantastic major leaguer? Nope, but it's promising. I don't mind if my shortstops can't hit. My favorite shortstop couldn't really hit, but Alex Gonzalez, I miss you.

Today, at 1:05, my dearest Beckett will be facing the Cardinals. I won't be able to see or hear the game, but I'll be with them in spirit, and that's good enough sometimes.

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