Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Double H: Pitches Double Innings

Two. He pitched two innings, and did a pretty dandy job at that. I don't want to necessarily say he was good or sharp, but this early in spring, I'm not worried. He walked, I believe, two batters and hit a guy but allowed no hits and collected two strikeouts. You have to take away every positive you can from the spring. I am keeping very much in mind that Dahmer was hurt for a majority of last season, so he's going to be working hard to get back into game shape this spring. Not that I intend to imply that he's out of shape... it's just been a while since he's faced major league hitters. He's a work in progress.

You know what was great? Watching Papi hit a home run. With the absence of Tek and Wakefield, at least the old familar sight of Papi rounding the bases will comfort me. He just has to do that in every game for the rest of his career. Is that too much to ask?

A majority of our runs came from sloppy Twins play. Again, it's spring. They're allowed to get their sloppies out in the spring and not a single one of us can complain. Why would I complain anyway? It benefitted my team.

Padilla did a pretty good job, and I was a little excited to see an eephus. I don't know the last time I saw anyone throw one intentionally. Daniel Butler, who I believe won 'Dancing With The New Stars' hit a three-run home run. Nate Spears and Will Middlebrooks  drove in runs. These five runs came in the 7th to round out the ten runs, and... well, I'll take it.

Final score was 10-2 Sox, giving us a four-game winning streak (YES I AM TAKING JOY IN THIS!) for the first time since August 6th-9th, and a 2-0 lead in the Mayor's Cup. What a lovely way to start the spring. How very nice to know that our boys showed up ready. Goodness, I love baseball!

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Anonymous said...

"He just has to do that in every game for the rest of his career. Is that too much to ask?" LOL. Didn't know about the "eephus." Gotta check that out. So far...so good.