Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Netherlands: Beating the Big Boys

Wow... I know a lot of people are apathetic to the WBC, but seriously, I hope you were just watching the Netherlands vs. the Dominican Republic. I turned the game on in the 9th, and watched until the underdogs got a walk-off hit against Marmol.

I was captivated. I wanted so much for the young guys of the Netherlands to beat the Dominican. It's not because I have anything against the DR, but they came in with a powerhouse reputation, and few people gave their opponents a chance. It's always fun to see an underdog win.

That game was awesome. I'm glad I saw it. I hope you did too.

Now, Papi can come back to Ft. Myers and get his pre-season work in where he belongs. With the Sox.

Congratulations, guys on the Netherlands team that I don't know. Super impressive. I may even have to look up your names!

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