Friday, March 13, 2009

Beckett:What A Shock, Strong Again

Yes, I've made it abundantly clear that I basically start drooling whenever I see Josh pitch this spring, but I've also been very good (at least I think I have) about keeping my expectations for the regular season in check. I refuse to deny that I'm excited for Josh to have a good season though. I really think he looks so far like he's back on track. If he is, then we have Josh and Jon both ready to go for the season? I'm feeling pretty good about our chances, aren't you?

Jon Van Every, one of my favorite itty bity baby Sox, sprained his ankle in the exhibition game yesterday. Booo! I'm hoping for a quick recovery for him, because, as I just said, he's one of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I really don't think there are any itty bity baby Sox that I don't like. I will be making my first trip down to McCoy this year to see the kids, and I'll also be traveling upwards to Portland to see the teeny tiny smaller SeaDogs.... wow, if these guys knew how I referred to them, with these condescending adjectives I like to toss in there, I'm sure they'd be offended. I mean no harm, however, to either the itty bity baby Sox in Pawtucket, or the teeny tiny smaller Sox in Portland. I'm excited to see both teams.

I don't know why I've never been to either stadium... or to see the Lowell Spinners, who I haven't yet come up with an annoyingly condescending nickname for. But, hey, first time for everything, right? Happinesss.

So, Mr. Awesome himself, Michael Averett Lowell returned to us in baseball form a few days ago. I neglected to mention it because I am not nearly as awesome as Mikey. Today, however, he will be playing third base for us for the first time this spring, and there's not much about that statement I don't like. When Mikey was hurt last season, we were ALL hurt last season, so his triumphant return to the hot corner will be... well, triumphant. Perhaps now that the hip has healed, we'll be seeing more salsa dancing out of our handsome third baseman. Wishful thinking?

OK - just to touch on the comments that Pap made about Manny, and I'm going to make it brief.... I don't know if he was asked about Manny in the interview or what happened, because I didn't read the whole thing and I hate to take it out of context... but, we all know Papelbon has no shame, and isn't afraid to make an ass out of himself. As big of an ass as Manny made out of himself recently, Pap is right there with them. Maybe Manny was a cancer, but seriously, Pap, show a little decorum. I don't know, it might be just me, but I can definitely envision Papelbon throwing a hissy fit at some point in the future and demanding his way out of town... so for him to be complaining about Manny now sort of makes me sigh sadly. I think Jonathan just badly needed attention. Now he's got it. It's over with. The End.

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