Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lowrider: Making Doc Miserable?

I put a question mark there because I didn't see the game... just as I don't get to see or hear a majority of the spring training games here at work.

I'm trying to think of something... anything... to clear my head a little from this stupid finance class I'm taking. Let me re-phrase that... the class is not stupid. I'm sure it's a wonderful class, but I've NEVER taken a finance class in my life. I don't understand any of this stuff, and the professor is using a total sink-or-swim method. He might as well be 'teaching' the class in Japanese, because I just don't understand any of it. And I'm ridiculously frustrated.

So why am I complaining about it on a sports blog? Because this is my sports blog, and I need to vent otherwise I'm going to end up throwing books around the office, and I really can't afford to lose my job! I feel like crying. None of this makes any sense, and I hate it.

Glad to hear that Pedroia is doing better. It makes my angry and extremely irritated mind feel a little bit better. Also making me slightly happier is the news that Lugo will miss more time, and Lowrider gets to be the opening day starter. Considering I've got decent seats for game two of the year, I'd much prefer Lowrider over POS as my first shortstop of the season. In a similar note, I'm happy that we retain Mr. Awesome as our starting 3B, I should be able to get some nice pictures of him on April 8th.

Nice to know that something is going my way this week.

PS - Binky officially signed his contract. He's ours. Muahahaha!

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