Monday, February 13, 2012

Ortiz: Officially Contractually Obligated

The problem with updating my blog before I read any other baseball sites is that I tend to be late to the party on certain topics. For example, my last post said that I couldn't wait to see how Papi's arbitration hearing would go. Well, I then proceeded to surf the internet and found that there will not be a hearing.

The big man has agreed to a one-year, $14.575M contract. It's not two years like I hoped for, and it's not $16M like Papi hoped for, but it's enough to get Papi back in that familiar jersey for the upcoming season.

The Red Sox don't like arbitration. Theo had never gone through arbitration (to my knowledge) with any players during his tenure here. Looks like Keebs is determined to follow a similar pattern. I'm ok with that. At least David is still on the team. I don't know what I would do without him.

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Anonymous said...

Always thought Big Papi would remain a Red Sox and was pleased to hear it got done. As you said, one year better than no year!