Monday, February 27, 2012

No Drinking In The Clubhouse: Bobby Bans Beer

And Tito thinks it's just a public relations stunt. I'm sort of inclined to agree with him, but at the same time, I believe it's a PR stunt that needed to be done.  I don't know what really will go on in that clubhouse this season, but if they didn't come out and say that they were enforcing stricter rules for the players, that's just more for the media to bitch about.

Now do I actually think that grown men need to be told that they can't have a beer once in a while? Not really. They should know when they should and shouldn't be cracking open a cold one. I've made my thoughts on drinking during games clear. I don't think the players should be drinking during games, even when they aren't playing. If you're getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, the least you could do is try to take it as seriously as the people who pay to watch you play. Not all of the people who pay to watch you play, of course. I'd say the average serious fan, not the die hard fanatics who live and die with every pitch. Actually, I'd like to know that the players are taking their jobs at least as seriously as I take mine. It's not that much to expect from a bunch of adults.

There's something about Valentine that I like. I have to reserve judgement because we haven't, you know, seen any games yet. I liked Tito's style, and even though Bobby's is apparently much, much different, I think it might work. I want to believe that the changes will make a difference. According to almost every member of the media around this time last year, the Sox were a 100 win team. Yes, there have been changes and I think some of those changes have made the team a slight bit weaker, but I don't think they're an 80 win team. We need focus from the players, and we need luck. You gotta have a little luck on your side, you know.

Anyway, I like hearing that Ortiz is backing up his new manager. Even if he truly does not believe in what Bobby V. is saying, as long as he comes out and keeps up the united front, I'm happy. Now let's see the rest of the team buy-in and we'll be ready to roll. There's a bunch of talent on the Sox... if we have to treat them like children to make them live up to their potential, so be it.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you agree with me that this is a stunt. And therein has always been my problem with Bobby V. It's always about Bobby V. I would like to think if I had stepped into the Manager role, I would have taken the time to at least start the season and see how the players reacted with things as they knew them...including the club house. You would get more respect from the team letting them show you they can get their act together on their own. God knows enough has been made about all this boorish behavior behind the lines. My management style would have been to observe and take mental notes early on. If a change needed to be made in May, for example, so be it. At least guys would respect you for letting them police themselves. Now, it looks like he's just trying to show them he's the Manager...which we all know he is. We had Tito in Philly and his easy going style led to his demise, but players did try for him. The front office did not supply him with much. I am rooting for the Sox to right the ship but I continue to believe the wrong guy is at the wheel. Time, of course, will tell.