Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Training Doesn't Count: Losing Streak Also Doesn't Count

Being as neurotic as I tend to be about the Sox, I was getting myself pretty worked up about the ten game, gut-wrenching losing streak that we've been forced to endure. I fretted (I am a good fretter) and bemoaned, and did all sorts of other things along those lines for... hmm... probably the last five games. Once I was done bemoaning and fretting and agonizing, I was able to look at the calendar and realize that it's still March. March is the ONLY month of baseball where people can say to me, "It's only March," and my face doesn't explode. Don't try that trick on me in April, or you will get brain matter all over your nice new shirt. I don't care that everyone on the team, vets and minor leaguers alike, have been just short of horrible. I don't care. Because it's March. Now, if they keep this little game up come Friday (which is, of course, April), then I'll be throwing a temper tantrum until they get their act under control. That's not going to happen, though, because this is all a game to them. They want us to be worried. They want us to look at the product they've been putting on the field and bring down our expectations so when the season starts and they start to play well, we'll be uncontrollably ecstatic. Under promise and over deliver. It's a business strategy. Welcome to the last week of pre-season. We've almost made it through!

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