Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breakfast Will Never Be The Same: Coco Crisp Arrested For DUI

Oh, Coco. Coco, coco, coco. Man, what are you doing? I understand that living life with relative anonymity since leaving Boston must have been hard for you, but getting arrested for a DUI? Come on, that's not ok at all. Oakland may not be awesome, but pull it together, man. Geez.

As the article references, Coco is the third major leaguer to get arrested for a DUI this spring. I don't like this trend. Most of these guys have more money in their wallets than I will ever see in my life. Why are they driving drunk? Call a cab! Call a limo! Hell, call the police and tell them you're famous and too drunk to drive. It's not worth getting behind the wheel!

I get frustrated reading stuff like this. I guess I can't expect that every athlete is going to be a perfect role model, but it seems like there are less and less for kids to actually look up to. It's disappointing. I'm disappointed. I hope Coco realizes that he's better than this and doesn't make a habit out of it. Shame shame.

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