Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confused: Dice-K Threw HOW MANY Pitches?

Pardon my complete bafflement. I got home from work last night, opened up Game Day and looked through what I missed while I was slaving away for the man. Was Game Day broken yesterday? It shows that Dice-K threw nine pitches to the first seven batters and a total of 31 pitches through five innings. That can't possibly be right. It just can't. He was facing actual major leaguers. I am so far beyond confused that I can't even find my way back.

Of course, the Tigers were being hyper-aggressive in swinging against Dice, the first six batters swinging at the first pitch. I know it's spring, but the pitcher was still Dice-K. He nibbles. Why would you swing at the first pitch? I'm happy they did, of course, but I just don't understand the logic.

The Red Sox, on the other side of the diamond, were facing Justin Verlander. If you had said to me during the regular season that the matchup was Matsuzaka vs. Verlander, I would have chalked it up to a loss. But lose they did not. A 4th inning home run from CRW and a 10th inning home run from Ronald sealed up another pre-season win. I'll say that Ellsbury is looking pretty good. Hopefully those ribs are fully healed and healthy, and he can have a good season. I guess I could make the same wish for any number of the starters.

Despite being convinced that we are in bizzaro world, I'll take the win. Opening Day is 16 days away. Can you believe it?

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