Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VMart: Saving Lackey's W

Five hits came pouring off the bat of Victor Martinez last night. Just enough to ensure that he literally did ALL he could to get the W for Lackey. This looked like a game that was destined to result in a Red Sox loss. You had a pretty unimpressive starter, a bunch of hitters who couldn't hit with runners on base, and just a general sense of 'aw, this is not gonna be fun'

Lackey didn't deserve the win, but he got it. Personally, I don't think he's deserved any win this season. Instead of writing an actual post, because really, why would I want to do that, I'm going to make a list of people I think deserved the win more than Lackey last night. In a semi-particular order:

-Victor Martinez
-Adrian Beltre
-Manny Delcarme
-Daniel Bard
-Joe Nelson
-Dustin Pedroia
-Kevin Youkilis
The bottom 3rd of our order
-Kerwin Danley
-Gio Gonzalez
-Alex Gonzalez
-Tim Wakefield
-Josh Beckett
-The impending pitching performance of Daisuke Matsuzaka
-Billy Beane
-The concept of Moneyball
-The cast of Hell's Kitchen
-My cat, Pandora
-My other cat, Izzy
-Kevin Millar
-Don Orsillo
-Jerry Remy
-The game Family Feud
-Jose Lima (Rest in peace, Jose)
-Roy Halladay
-The city of Baltimore (I'll see you Friday, Baltimore!)

That about does it. Man, and you thought I couldn't get any lazier!

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