Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Days Behind: Wednesday Night at Fenway

I'm so frazzled from school and work that I honestly can't remember if I already wrote about this game. I know for sure I didn't get to upload any of my pictures yet. I'll get to that this weekend, but whether or not they make it onto the blog is debatable (they probably won't).

But I wanted to make sure I wrote about it, because it was a fun game. I love watching Jon Lester pitch. I honestly do... not that this fact surprises anyone. Though, this season, whenever I've seen Lester pitch, I'm on the wrong side of the field. Luck is funny like that. Anyhow, Lester wasn't sharp. He wasn't bad, but he definitely was struggling with keeping the ball in the strike zone. He walked three and hit a batter, but still managed to strike out seven D-backs. I also had to laugh, because the other player I wanted to see, Stephen Drew, didn't play. Figures. I would have had a perfect view of him, but it was not to be. I got a few shots of him at-bat in the 9th, but you couldn't really see his face. Maybe next time. Yes, I covet the younger Drew... less now than in the past. When we had Lugo, man, I would have given my left hand to swap him for S. Drew. Now we've got Scu-Scu-Scutaro, and I'll be honest, I sort of like him. So, no more Drew brothers for us. For now.

David Ortiz had the only two walks given to the Red Sox on Wednesday, which strikes me as a sign that he is back at that level where people are afraid to pitch to him. Maybe I'm just delusional because I want to believe that, but either way works for me. Our farm system twims, Munchkin and Youk, both had 2-run home runs that were clobbered pretty solidly. Overall, we had ten hits, Scutaro, Munchkin, and Beltre had two apiece. Really, against Rodrigo Lopez, I sort of expected more, but I will happily take these results.

So, despite his lack of sharp command, Jonny managed seven innings, allowing 2 runs on a home run, and four hits overall. He may not have been sharp, but his performance was certainly good enough. Bard, Rambo, and Paps finished up the game for us. Daniel had a clean inning in the 8th. Rambo came in for the ninth, pitched 2/3rds, and gave way to Paps who technically got a save. Sure, he came in with 2 on, meaning that the runner at the plate represented their possible 5th run, making it a technical save situation, but in the 9th, the game never felt like a possible loss. The Diamondbacks are just in a free-fall right now, and they aren't scary. I was happy to get the win, and I do love Pap's entrance into the game, so... good things. All good things.

On top of that, the weather held out, and we ended up with no rain after all. Perfect night. Not hot, cold, or humid, and a relatively easy commute home. I would be greedy to ask for anything more

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