Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Manny Being Holy: Maybe He Saw The Light?

I promise. This is the last thing I will write about Manny for the season, unless the Dodgers and the Sox end up meeting in the World Series. Manny, apparently, has found God. From the article:

Berenguer said that Ramirez no longer speaks of retirement, and said that the length of his career will be determined by a higher power.

He also said Manny has found God, reads the Bible on a daily basis, and quoted scriptures constantly during their conversation.

On his transgressions in Boston, Manny said: "There's no reason I should have behaved that way in Boston.''

No, it's not an apology for his behavior. I personally don't think we need one from him. I know I don't, but maybe some people feel like they do. At the very least, it's nice to see that Manny can acknowledge that he was wrong. Does this change anything? Does it change the way he behaved and the situation he put the Sox front office in during the trade deadline of 2008? Nope. Doesn't change any of that one bit. But I know that it did change some people's minds about him. Deep down, a lot of Sox fans want to love Manny, but they're hurt by what he did. Stuff like this makes it easier to forgive him and focus on all the positive he brought to the Sox for seven and a half seasons.

Yeah, maybe he's spouting bullshit, but he has no need to. He's gone, and he knows he's not coming back. He has nothing to gain by saying this now. I think if he had said this before his first game back at Fenway, it would have been different. It would have come off as crowd-baiting, trying desperately to make Sox fans love him again (like Johnny Damon trying to buy our love). I'll never know if Manny was being genuine or not. I hope he was. I hope we can look at him and see someone who's matured, but I don't know.

I hope it more for his sake than anything. Still... whether he was sincere, or just looking for a way to make people love him again, I think it was a good way for Manny to leave town. I'll miss him, for sure... but I'm glad we just swept his team.

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