Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Manny: My Favorite Subject

Good game last night. Dahmer struggled a bit early, but still turned in a quality outing. Sox lost no ground in the standings. I love Stephen Drew, blah blah blah. I can't convince myself that I want to write about that game last night. It was good. We won. Aside from a home run from Papi and the fact that Adrian Beltre has gone like, a whole week without maiming an outfielder, it was a pretty easygoing game. Nothing exciting to write home about.

The topic on everyone's minds right now is Manny. He's coming. On Friday, Manny is back in Fenway park. I'll laugh if he's not in the lineup on Friday, but since I suspect he will be, the decision that all 37,000 fans that will be in attendance that night comes down to one issue. To boo or not to boo.

If you even CONSIDER booing Manny, I have to question your fanhood. If you actually do it, you should be ashamed of yourself. I'll be standing and clapping for him, because he deserves it. Things ended badly, of course. Don't they always seem to?

Manny is what we made him. He became a spoiled child because we LET him. No matter what he did, we cheered. And really, he did plenty of amazing things with the Sox, so Manny gets the standing O. I went out of my way to get tickets to the game on Friday specifically so I could cheer Manny. He deserves it.

Pedro got the appropriate reaction. Do right by Manny, even if you didn't like how he left.

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