Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slightly Surprising: Lowell to DL

I may have been the last to know about the move to put Mike Lowell on the DL to open a roster spot for Dice-K. I mean, I knew Dice was coming back, but I didn't realize that Lowell was injured. Apparently, he was:

Mike Lowell felt a twinge in the back of his surgically repaired right hip before Tuesday's 2-1 loss to the Rockies and tried to erase his pain later that night with a game-winning pinch-hit. Instead, Lowell was thrown out on a one-hop throw by Clint Barmes, even though the shortstop had to make a diving stop and literally tumbled over before releasing the throw.

Ok, so now I feel better about my decision at the time not to pick on the man. I guess he was hurt. And if he wasn't hurt, then the Red Sox need him to play hurt. We need our bullpen. There's really no one we can send down right now, and (this hurts me to say) I guess Mikey is the dispensable one. Ow. My love for Mikey is hurting.

Let's just hope he gets better and can contribute to the team... the Red Sox... in the future. Who knows? We may just be able to get him some valuable at-bats, right?

.... Right?

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