Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tim Wakefield: He Doesn't Lose Games For Me

While I missed his highness Dave Roberts throwing out the first pitch due to some train delays, I ended up with a pretty good game. Sure, seven innings is abbreviated, and I missed the first one, but we got there in time for the second one!

We were there for Nick Green's 2-run home run. We were also there for Mr. Awesome's 2-run home run. We saw the offense put a 10 up on that board, and threaten more. We would have gotten a few more runs if not for the rain, I just know it.

Well, like Paps and Delcarmen say... blame it on the rain.

I'm thrilled at all the runs they've been scoring for Timothy. He deserves them. He almost never gets any run support. Strangely enough, despite the lack of run support in the last couple of years, Tim Wakefield has never lost a game where I was watching him pitch live. And i've seen him pitch live SO often. He doesn't always get the win, but the team always wins when he's on the mound and I'm in the park. I thank Tim very much for this consistency, because I definitely don't get it from our other starters.

So now that Jon and Josh have been switched in the lineup (does it really matter anyway since they're becoming the same pitcher?), Tito has officially done it to me again. Instead of being scheduled to see Beckett twice in June, I'm now on track to see Jon twice in June. Which I don't really mind that much, but come on. I want some live Beckett. I just can't win. Tito does this to spite me. And don't give me the bull about five game suspension blah blah blah... it could have been avoided. They could have just skipped him. We had an off-day anyway. Thanks a lot, Teets.

And happy belated 50th birthday, Teets. Even if you don't like him, the guy helped us to two world series. I hope he enjoyed his birthday and two wins yesterday.

Hopefully if I ever get around to it, I'll post up some pictures from the game.

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