Monday, April 13, 2009

Early thoughts from this game

I feel 100% confident in saying this... I hate this team. They're no fun to watch. Actually, they border on painful.

I didn't like this team last year either. I don't know what's wrong with them, but they just make me want to rip my hair out. They never seem to click at the same time. If one guy is hitting, the guys around him in the batting order can't do anything but ground into double plays. I have no idea how they win games.... I know they aren't winning games right now.... but I assume they will some day.

And seriously, WHAT THE FUCK, JON!? I planned on sleeping tonight, not sitting up seething about how much YOU SUCK! You aren't supposed to suck, so stop fucking sucking! You're making me swear. It's only the second goddamned inning. Can you please give our hitters a chance to suck for a while? (EDIT: Jon finally gave our hitters a chance to suck, and they are COMPLETELY living up to that.)

I love the Red Sox, and I love individual components of this team, but sometimes I honestly feel like I would rather vomit from my eyes than watch these guys play together. I hate going to bed angry. This stupid team is giving me no choice. I hope they all get traded away, that way I can still like them and have absolutely no expectations for them.

We give Jon a 1 run lead, so he gives up five runs. That's the opposite of awesome, and I am disgusted. I know it's early in the season and I can't put too much weight on results yet, but I waited patiently through the whole god awful off-season, and that pitifully long pre-season just for these guys to ruin April for me?

I don't care if we lose in April. It's the infuriating way that they're losing that kills me. Leaving 25 men on base... losing one run games.... bad pitching, staring at strike 2, swinging at pitches in the dirt, suspect defense, and stupid baserunning (Hi, Ortiz.... you're not Coco.) Can someone please wake this team up? I'd like to see some goddamned wins.

If Jon so much as gives up a hit in the next inning, I'll have to call it a night. I have go be at work at 7 AM, so I'd rather not have to sit up all night letting this team ruin my mood. Oh, and screw you too, Rocco. You haven't done anything productive or useful at all whenever I'm watching.

I think I'm done ranting for now. Back to the game...

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