Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh Captain: I Want to Be There When You're Happy

First game of the year, and Tek and Pedie already got their first home run out of the way. Why didn't you guys save it for when I'm at the game, freezing my butt off! I kid. I'm glad they gave Joshua the run support, because he pitched great and earned the win. 7 IP, 1 ER, 2 H, 3BB, 10K? That's a line I can appreciate!

Our boy Oki struggled a bit, but I think the lad will be just fine. I just keep reminding myself that his first game in MLB was a home run, and after that he settled in for a terrific year. Ok, so he had a little bit of a rough go of it last year, too, but come on. The guy doesn't throw in the 90's... if his mechanics are a tad bit off, he's going to get hit. It's perfectly acceptable for his mechanics to be off during his first game of the year. Even if it isn't, I say it is. Fetus did a nice job finishing the inning, even if he did allow the runners to score. And of course, Paps to close it out. The (Devil) Rays finished with 3 hits, 3 runs. But, not to be outdone in their own park on opening day, the Sox finished with 9 hits, 5 runs. Did I mention that Tek hit a home run? Yeah, cause that totally happened. It made me smile. Yes, I was fielding text messages last night congratulating me on his home run, as though I had something to do with it. Hey, he can still kill bears AND baseballs! I really do hope that this carries over for the season, even if it's only partially. I love seeing that he can still make good, strong contact.

Not for nothing, but Shields wasn't really that bad yesterday. He wasn't... um... good, but he didn't completely stink up the place. We just made good contact.

A final note on yesterday's game... Michael Averett, we do not leave the bases loaded, please. This is a bad habit and I don't want to see you starting the ridiculousness of leaving the bases loaded. I'll forgive you this time (and more than likely, every time after this) because I adore you and it was just once. However, please do keep in mind that you are not Tek, you are expected to hit with the bases loaded. (Sorry, Tek, you know I adore you as well... but.... you know)

Nice to see this team hit and pitch well. It's been far too long. Welcome to baseball season, everyone! I'll see you at Fenway tonight

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