Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dice - K: You Come In Like a Blood-Stained Hurricane.

Oh my. Well... there's nothing much I can really say that hasn't been thought before. With that in mind, I'm going to focus on the positive and completely ignore the negative because that is getting me nowhere.

Positive #1 - We scored five runs
Positive #2 - We scored runs in more than one inning
Positive #3 - Fetus was fantastic.
Positive #4 - We tied the game at a decent time so I could go to bed with hope instead of anger.
Positive #5 - Our bullpen held them scoreless for 10 innings.
Positive #6 - Mike Lowell had 2 RBIs
Positive #7 - It's only April 15th, and we've got time to recover.
Positive #8 - Dice-K being hurt means Buchholz might get a chance to come up and pitch.
Positive #9 - Our west-coast trips will be done by the end of May.
Positive #10 - Munchkin had two hits
Positive #11 - Drew had 3 hits, and Lowell had 2... could they be finding their swings?
Positive #12 - We left significantly less guys on base. Is that a positive? I'm going to pretend it is.
Positive #13 - Jacoby had a hit and a stolen base. That's 100% more productive than he has been for a while!
Positive #14 - We only grounded into one double play, and it was a fluke as Holliday clearly did not catch that ball. While the umps were not paying attention (though it was a tricky call to make), it means two things: Drew is swinging the bat well, and Youk being on base means that he is continuing to be our most productive hitter.
Positive #15 - Four of our runs came with 2 outs. I think this is fantastic!
Positive #16 - We actually had more hits than the A's... so they ARE getting hits!
Positive #17 - The game tonight isn't at 10:00, so I'll be able to stay up for the entire game and cheer our guys on. They need the encouragement. I bet if I start cheering now, my cheers will have gotten to California by game time.
Positive #18 - It's Jackie Robinson Day. This is a good thing for ALL teams.
Positive #19 - Tim Wakefield has been a reliable member of this pitching staff forever. He can keep this early slump in perspective and go out there calm and relaxed (at least I'm pretty sure he can)
Positive #20 - It's baseball season! The season that we waited so long for. Even when they're doing badly, let's enjoy it. It will be gone before we know it.

Really, just like Jon Lester's pitching the other day... I don't think it was as bad as it showed in the box score. We're in a streak of extraordinarily bad luck, but we KNOW it will pass.

On an unrelated note... if you've never played baseball on Wii... you are missing out. I think I tore my rotator cuff last night, but I was throwing 94 mph! I am so easily amused, it's barely even funny.

We'll turn it around tonight. If not, then in Baltimore. We're going to turn it around, I just know it.

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