Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Magical Journey To Over .500: A Mission Squarely In Doubront's Hands

For the first time in about a month, the Sox have the opportunity to go above .500. They have reached the .500 mark on a couple of occasions, but have never been able to crack the mediocre mark.

With the team on a bit of a hot streak, they have their best chance yet to get there. The mission is in Felix Doubront's left hand. Felix has already gotten us to one big checkpoint this season... he was able to secure the first win of the season. I have plenty of faith in this kid to pull out a win tonight.

But if he doesn't, it's ok. Because  it's just one of those seasons, and we just have to accept it. All the luck in the world to you tonight, Felix. But no pressure.

Hell, we've seen that even if he pitches as badly as Dahmer (who again gave up five runs) the offense seems to be awake enough to back him up. I guess my main advice is try not to give up more than five runs, and we may be fine.

With the way this team is going, it's definitely going to be an interesting summer.

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