Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Sox Fans: You Suck

I'm ashamed of you, Red Sox Nation. I truly am. I sat in that wind-blown, cold park last night watching Beckett and the boys suck, just like the rest of you. I groaned every time he gave up a run. And I did plenty of booing...

Johnny Damon. I booed Johnny Damon and ONLY Johnny Damon. Because he is no longer on the Sox, and no longer allowed to be loved in Boston. (Love him if you want, but he's a lying traitor and I will never cheer for him again)

At a time where the team is struggling as bad as we've seen in a very long time, I assumed that the only people coming out to the park were there to actually support the team. I was wrong. When Beckett walked off the field to that chorus of boos, I was ashamed for my fellow fans. Ashamed.

Yeah, he sucked. Yes, there have been lots of reports about what a terrible soul-stealing cancer he is and how he is secretly plotting to take over the world or something like that. He's terrible. He needs to be traded a league in Antarctica far far from civilized people so his terrible attitude and love for beer and chicken can never torment anyone again, right? Whatever. You know what, if the Sox do end up trading Beckett and he goes on to pitch well for another team, I'm sure the same people who are booing him now will ask why we always get rid of our good players.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but what good does booing do? You get to tell the team you disapprove of their play, right? Awesome. So they're unhappy that they're playing poorly, and you're unhappy that they're playing poorly, and instead of trying to change, everyone will just wallow in the misery. Fine. Boo whoever you want. I'm still going to cheer for my team, and I'm still going to be ashamed of all you boo birds. Do me a favor and just don't come out to the park if you hate the team or individual players so much. You're making hard for the people like me who want to support them.

After all, isn't that why you GO to the park?

Shame on all of you who booed last night.

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