Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congratulations: The AL Wildcard Is Ours Again

I know, for talking to various people and reading various blogs, that I'm the only one not happy with this. Let me clarify - I'm perfectly thrilled to be in the post season, and I have absolutely no qualms about going in as the wild card... my problem is the way we won it. It just felt cheap. It didn't feel cheap in '04, though I will readily admit that those were different times.

Maybe I've become too entitled. Maybe I should just be happy and uncork some champagne and celebrate, but winning despite losing just doesn't feel right. The thought of the post-season doesn't feel right yet. Maybe it will. I'm hoping it will, anyway.

I'll be at Fenway at some point this weekend. I don't know when and I don't know where I'm sitting. I don't even know who's giving me the tickets. All I do know is that I'll be there, and it's supposed to rain all weekend. I don't care, I'm willing to sit through the rain.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing positive I want to say about last night's game. It was, in a word, awful. Or another word, painful. I could go on like this, but what's the point? The night inevitably ended in champagne showers so I'm not going to dwell on just how disgusting this team has looked in the last week or so. I'm going to put on my big 'ol smile and remember that this team isn't like the '07 team, who had invidivual parts that I absolutely hated. Same for just about every team since I started paying attention to baseball. There's always been that one cog that drives me up a wall. This team doesn't have that. I like every player on this team (of course I don't count Paul Byrd as being 'on the team' because I doubt he'll be making much of a post season appearance). Each individual piece is cool by my standards. Maybe that's why it feels different, because I like them? Who knows.

Congratulations to the 2009 AL Wildcard Champion Red Sox!

Now can we focus on getting your shit together and rememebering how to win, guys? Thanks!

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