Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daisuke: Not Your Mama's Matsuzaka!

I commend you if you understand the heading of this post, because I don't. It was literally the first thing that came to my mind... though I don't know how it could have figuratively been the first thing and... ok, I digress.

The guy who pitched last night was good. Don't know who he was, but he looked an awful lot like Dice-K. Weird. I hope that doesn't sound racist, just because the pitcher was obviously Japanese. He actually shared many physical atributes with Dice, so it's weird. I wonder where we got him.

All kidding aside, if you say that you expected that from Dice after the whupping he was receiving from single A players, you're a filthy liar. I know we're all happy about the results, but not even the most optimistic among us would have expected great results like that. Still only counts for a win, but any win is important in September. Or October. Or hell, August. You know what? I will willingly take wins in any regular season games. They all count equally to me.

Hope all is well with Victor and his family.

Gonzo is exactly what I've always wanted at shortstop. I'm happy. Do you feel the happy? I mean, he even started a rally that resulted in the Sox scoring the only two runs they would need. He personally scored the first. Brilliance. Brilliance! Just absolutely love Gonzo. My heartbrokenness over losing him the first time around was just another factor in my disdain for Lugo. I wasn't ready to let go (same thing on the whole #7, right field situation), but having Gonzo back is like being wrapped up in a high-quality blanket and given a cup of Bigelow green tea - the official tea of Terry Francona - before being read a bed time story. It's comforting. I love. See me filling with love? Well, no, you can't, but take my word for it. I am filled with love.

How can I scream at the shortstop when I love him so dearly?

Off-topic (not that I ever really have a 'topic' per se), I was discussing with a friend this morning the difference in Dustin when he's wearing a hat, and when he is not. Then I made a drawing of it. I'm a terrible artist, but I get a good giggle out of it. The concept is this.... when Munchkin is wearing his hat, he looks like he's 10 (especially if he's clean-shaven). When the hat comes off, he looks 40, regardless of the facial hair status. It is a very weird thing, because even other balding players don't have such a large gap in their age appearances. He is unique. If I ever get around to posting pictures again, I'll put that one up. And I'm apologizing in advance for it. Sorry, all.

That Papi home run last night? Made me feel October. Have you ever felt an entire month in one swing? It's intense.

Hoping for more of that feeling around 7:10 tonight.

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