Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Losing: It's Got to End

Enough, guys. Seriously, I've had enough. The magic number is one. ONE! If the Sox had just not sucked yesterday, we would have been popping champagne, too. I can't take it any more. First they make me suffer through a three game sweep by the Yankees, ending with what I'm assuming is an insane celebration right in front of our boys' faces (which I didn't bother to watch even a moment of, thank you). Now, they make me suffer through rain-drenched suck. That's the worst kind of suck!

I don't feel like being rational and reasonable and defending the wild card and talking about how resting players is good. I don't think it's good, I think it's lazy. I don't want these guys working on their swings in the batting cages, I want to see them out on the field. Because, and you'll forgive me if I'm a little unreasonable, time off seems to do these jerks* NO good! Post ASB? They sucked. After what felt like every day off this season, they lost. I know I'm exaggerating. I know I'm being completetly ridiculous, but come on. Can't we just wrap this thing up? PLEASE?!

*DISCLAIMER: I don't think any of them are jerks. Actually, I'm quite fond of the whole team.

Beckett's got back spasms and Binky's all bruised. It sounds like the beginning of a bad nursery rhyme... which, of course, is exactly what I was going for. Also, I want them to clinch a post season berth with a win, not with another team's loss. It just seems a little more undeserved if you don't win it yourself. But what do I know, I'm just a lazy, rambling, part-time blogger.

I'll be watching the game tonight... the WHOLE game. Because I want to see them win and celebrate on Fenway turf. How sweet is that going to be? Just make sure that Paps doesn't start drinking early.

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