Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paps: Blaming Things on Rain, Taking Credit from the Wind

I am a shameless fan of the Paps/MDC version of "Blame It On Rain." It's the only thing I like about rain delays at the park. Why am I even bringing this up, you ask? For this reason... I'm starting to think that the weather and Paps aren't on the best terms.

First, he goes ahead and blames the rain. For what? Not sure, I never actually read/remembered the lyrics to that song. I like the chorus, and I enjoy the silly wigs and the dancing. I am easily amused. But Paps, regardless of his true feelings for the rain, looks like he's sided against it.

Then last night, when the save looked all but blown, the go-ahead HR was blown... right back onto the field. It was by the grace of something far more powerful that Scott Boras (and much more benevolent) that the ball hit by Hairston was not a home run. Paps was lucky. So what does he do? He takes credit for the save! Preposterous. Ok, so he didn't take it himself. The save was automatically assigned to him by official scorers and what have you, but we all know he didn't earn it last night. He hasn't been himself this year, and it's a tad bit scary. He does only have something like one blown save, but the close calls are piling up. Hopefully, he'll pull himself back together the way the majority of our starting pitchers have.

Wakefield. Win number 11. Did you think Tim would be leading the league in wins? No? Neither did I, but I'm sure happy for him. How many wins now does he need to become the all-time Red Sox wins leader? I'll look it up.... He's at 175, and he needs to get to 193. 18 wins shy! 18! Assuming he can win another 6-8 this year, he'll only need to have an average season next year. He only needs to play in 116 more games to pass Bob Stanley for all-time games played. Only 116... listen to me and my crazy talk. The man is almost 43 years old. Assuming that he pitches in 33 games, he'd have to pitch three and a half more seasons. What are the odds of keeping Wake in the rotation until he's 47? No clue.

So Pedie has been thinking about skipping the All-Star game to be with his wife. I say do it. It's an honor to be voted in, but family definitely comes first.

Lastly... my favorite AAA outfielder, Jonathan "Vantastic" Van Every was DFA'ed to make room on the 40-man roster for Lowrider, who will be in AA to finish his rehab. I hope than Vantastic clears waivers so we can keep him in AAA till we need him (especially since he is out for the rest of the year with an injury)... but if not, I wish him a speedy recovery and the best of luck whereever he ends up.

Starting four against the Royals, but there will be no Coco sightings, because he is also done for the year with an injury. I feel bad about that and hope that his recovery also goes well. Best of luck, Coco!

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