Tuesday, July 7, 2009

John Smoltz: Wasn't Gonna Win No Matter What

When your offense musters up two hits (HITS, not RUNS), you're not going to win a game. My thought in these situations is that I don't care how many runs we give up. Honestly, I don't. Yeah, during the game I was annoyed that the A's kept piling on and we weren't getting anything back, but once the horrorshow is over and I can look back on it as a whole, I find myself caring less and less about the five they put up and more about the zero we put up.

Smoltz was a little flat, but it doesn't matter. He wasn't going to win. You can't win if your team scores no runs. He'll get them next time. Though he does seem to be running into some pretty crappy luck lately...

This team looks tired. It really does. The All-Star break can't come soon enough, apparently. Or maybe they're just not used to playing on Mondays any more. We had a bunch of off-days on Mondays in June. Could be that it's just too hard to get out of off day mode now.

My first thought about Munchkin not being in the lineup last night for family reasons was that his wife had gone into labor. The last time she was on TV, she was looking a little pregnant. My super sincere apologies to Kelli Pedroia if she was in fact NOT pregnant, but she looked it. So, I hope that the family leave was for good news and not bad news. It's kind of weird to even think about the fact that Munchkin could realistically be a dad. He's a little kid in my mind.

I'm not about to get worked up over this game. No point. I guess I'll just chalk it up to an understaffed, tired team that ran into a pretty good pitcher during one of their collective bad days. That's gotta be it.

UPDATE: Seems I was correct about Mrs. Pedroia getting ready for diaper duty. However, with around a month left to her due date, she was taken to the hospital yesterday, according to this piece by ProJo. Wishing the Pedroias well, and hoping that all is OK with Kelli and the baby. Don't worry about the Sox, Dustin. They'll be ok. Just be with your wife right now.

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