Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Meetings Make Me Happy

At least there's something to talk about now! Let's see where we are with free agents...

1) Fatass Fraud Sabbathia signed with the Yankees. I can't imagine a better destination for him. Have you seen the way he performs in the playoffs? I bet him and A-Rod will be bunking together before long... I give this transaction an A, because I'm just so damn happy that we didn't get stuck with him!

2) K-Rod signed with the Mets. Good for him. I mean, for an overrated stat, teams are really putting value into this whole 'saves' thing, aren't they? I will miss him, as the Sox tend to have fantastic luck against him in the playoffs. I guess if we happen to meet the Mets in the World Series, we'll be in good shape. I give this transaction a B.

3) The Mets acquire JJ Putz from Seattle. Can't say that I blame them for shoring up their bullpen, considering how eye-bleedingly terrible it had been. Two top-tier closers? Good idea, Mets. Hey, if Seattle wants to give him up, why not take him? For the Mets, they get an A-... not many really good closers want to be forced into a set-up position. We'll see how it works out for them.

4) The Red Sox have made Captain an undisclosed offer. Boras insists that there's a huge market for Varitek. Captain may be coming back after all, when he has no other options left. Do the right thing, Boras, get your client a job. And then spontaneously combust. Thanks.

5) The Yankees are trying their hardest to woo Derek Lowe, AJ Burnett, Ben Sheets, and just about anything else with an arm (including, apparently, Manny Ramirez. Hey, he has an arm...). They'll probably land Burnett, but I doubt they'll end up with all of them.

6) John Smoltz is considering the Red Sox, and a few other teams. I don't know about this... I mean, I've always liked John Smoltz, but he's not getting any younger and he just came off shoulder surgery. I assume if we don't offer him some kind of contract, the Yankees will. If we do somehow end up with Smoltz, I won't be mad.

7) Theo is also continuing the process of drooling all over Teixeira. He wants him bad. I haven't seen Theo want anyone this bad since Drew. And we all know how that ended... I don't care how good Tex is, I don't like him, and I don't want him on the Sox. Knowing that I have absolutely no say in that annoys me. His face just bothers me. Especially if we end up having to trade Mikey because of signing Tex, I will never be able to root for him. I just couldn't do it. Even if there were two outs and the bases loaded in the 9th inning of game 7 of the world series, and the Sox were down by a run, I couldn't cheer for him. I just couldn't... because I don't like him.

8) Lolo... AKA Mark Loretta has agreed to sign with the Dodgers pending a physical. Good luck, Lolo!

9) Jarrod Saltalamacchia still wants to come to Boston. The Sox are looking into Andy Pettitte and Rocco Baldelli. Theo doesn't want to trade Buchholz. Or Masterson. Or Ellsbury... or just about anyone with any form of talent on our team (except, possibly Mike Lowell... damnit!), and he's expecting to get anything done? Ok.

10) The Red Sox are also showing interest in Carl Pavano. Strangely enough, so are the Yankees... oh wait, not strange. He's got an arm, too. I could have sworn they tried the Pavano experiment already. The Sox are also interested in Brad Penny. I'll bet a dollar that the Yankees are too!

11) I heard a rumor somewhere that the Yankees were trading Melky Cabrera to the Brewers for Mike Cameron.

12) Another rumor says that the Red Sox and Diamondbacks are conversing over a Lugo-for-Byrnes deal. Dear God, please let it happen. All I want for Christmas is to lose Lugo!

Most importantly... Theo told Jay Payton's agent that he is not interested in bringing Payton back. Thank God. Cookie points for Theo...

In other news - thoughts and prayers go out to Matt Cassel and his family after the sudden death of his father.

My thoughts also go to the Patriots, who are in the hunt for a playoff spot and now potentially go into Sunday's game vs. the Raiders with no quarterback who's played at all this season... I think they also lost Bruschi. And probably two other guys. So it looks like Belichick will be at QB on Sunday... but none of that is Cassel's fault. He needs to take the time to be with his family, and I understand that. Football comes second.

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