Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good, I'm glad he's a Yankee

It just seems so appropriate that Teixiera would be a Yankee... and convenient.

I am aware I'm in the minority, but I was not willing to give up Mike Lowell for this guy after rallying so hard to keep Mikey in a Sox uniform just one short year ago. I ADORE Mike Lowell. I don't even like Teixiera, despite the fact that everyone else seems to think he's the second coming of Jesus - complete with water-to-wine abilities.

Truth is, he was never going to sign with the Red Sox. If that wasn't obvious by the little charade he put on, then people aren't paying enough attention. We were three runs away from the world series this year with an ambulance full of injured guys. If MT wanted to go to a winner, he would have signed here, but he held out until the Yankees made an offer. He wanted to go to New York. We weren't going to woo him.

Strangely enough, I got a text message yesterday from someone saying "Looks like Teixiera is going to sign with the Sox," to which I promptly replied "F*&k Teixiera. I hope he signs with the Yankees." And then a half an hour later, the story was picked up that MT agreed to sign with the Yanks. Considering I harbor great dislike for both entities (MT and Yanks), it's just so much more convenient for me to focus all of that hatred in one direction. I really don't like hating guys on my own team.

So everyone can cry and moan that eMpTy is going to be a Yankee, and how they're gobbling up all the free agents on the market. But don't worry, it won't get them anywhere. A team of all stars hasn't won a championship for them yet. What makes you think it's going to work this time?

As for me, knowing that Mikey is going to hang around makes this a very Merry Christmas indeed!

PS - Kevin Cash has also signed with the Yankees... and we still haven't even got one catcher. Seriously, Theo, it's time to get shit done. Not that I wanted Kevin Cash back, but still. Actually, for the same reasons I'm happy eMpTy is on the Yanks, I will also be happy that Cash is on the Yanks. Yay for clumping all the people I dislike together! Do they happen to want Lugo too?

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