Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I Like: Finally Matching Things The Sox Are Doing

In what is probably the first action of the off-season that I have whole-heartedly approved of, the Red Sox avoid salary arbitration with Okajima and give him a contract full of wonderful, shiny things*. And dollars. He specifically wanted the dollars.

*Disclaimer: Shiny things not included.

I like avoiding arbitration. I'm not sure if I had ever mentioned that before, but it seems like such a messy process. Besides that, I like Okajima. I really do. If you've never been to a game where Okajima has pitched, and you have not heard that ear drum-shatteringly TERRIBLE song that he comes out to, you have not lived. Oh, it's terrible. And not only will it get stuck in your head, it will also burrow deep into the brainmeats, taking control of your body and making you do things you'd never do... namely, download the awful Okajima entrance theme. If the virus gets bad enough, you put said theme on your iPod and force your co-workers to listen to it on repeat all day on a Friday.

No, I didn't do that yet. But, you know what? I'm gonna. And I'm not going to tell anyone when it's coming. But when it does, I promise, every one will be walking out of the office singing "Okajima.... oki-dokie!"

Man, I hope they never change that song. And yay for pitching! Happiness for a Friday morning before a long weekend.

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