Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My opinion: Doesn't matter even a little

I feel like I'm rehashing the same sentiment over and over this offseason. How I feel about the trades and the pickups and Theo isn't going to stop me from going to games. It isn't going to stop me from watching on TV, or following the team via news updates. Nothing Theo can do is going to make me hate the Red Sox.

But, man, I feel like he's really trying.

Again, I am in the minority of people who think this is just a stupid move. I know I am. I remain unapologetic. I usually dislike the moves of Mr. Epstein, but never since he's been aboard have I been absolutely disgusted with every decision he's made. Every single one of them. I can't think of a year where I hated everything he did. This, so far, is that year. Granted, he's got time before pitchers and catchers report to do something that makes me think 'hmm... ok.' And, for all I know, once the season starts, I might fall in love with one of these guys that I don't like. I just might. I'll keep an open mind about it. I guess I just need to watch them play. But that doesn't take away from the fact that, damnit, I did not want Beltre. Yay for defense and all, but you still can't win games if you don't score runs. We all know Beltre's best year was 2004. His numbers were crazy good, though I will not speculate why. Maybe last year was an abberation, and his numbers will go back up, but a .265 average and a .304 OBP doesn't instill a ton of confidence, and certainly doesn't seem like an upgrade over the .290/.337 that Mikey put up in '09.

Ok, but we're not getting him for his bat (but for chrissakes, who ARE we getting for their bat?!), so let me just glance at fielding stats.... Beltre is coming to us fresh off a year where he made 19 errors and had .959 fielding percentage in 341 chances. Ok. Fair. I'm not going to get into zone rating and things of that nature, because, well, I'm no good at it, and I don't want to. As for Mikey, 265 chances brought him 14 errors and a .966 fld%. So, the defensive upgrade is about thismuch. I'll give him that.

But can Beltre salsa dance with the smoothness that Mikey is able to maintain? No? I thought not. And I love Mikey. I don't care for Beltre, or really just about anyone who would come in and take Mikey's job away. Not appreciative.

All I'm saying is that these new guys better bring some damn personality to this team, because it's been sorely lacking since Millar and Manny left town. But we all know that Theo isn't a big fan of personality. Or, apparently, talent.

Ok, ok. I swear. I'll stop now. I'll just look forward to the opening of the season and I won't criticize players before they have a chance to win me over any more. But damnit, I will not stop complaining about the GM. It's my right as a Red Sox fan!

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