Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Tiger Prince: Fielder Bolts To Detroit

Eventually, we knew Prince Fielder would sign somewhere for exorbitant amounts of money and years that his new team would likely regret in the future. Well folks, we've found our sucker! Prince will be suiting up for his daddy's old team in the motor city. The Tigers were able to sign the former NL hitter to a measly 9-year, $214M contract.

It's laughable, these contracts that players are getting lately. While the average American is either losing their job or getting pay cuts, baseball players are signing contracts worth $214M. It does offend me slightly. It doesn't offend me enough to not watch, because as a poor American clinging to her job, I need an escape. Baseball is my escape. I don't calculate paychecks (for the most part) during at-bats. I don't want to think about it. I just want to enjoy it.

Regardless, it seems that the fashionable thing to do this season was to be an NL hitter that jumped ship to the AL. Pujols and Fielder are now suiting up for the Angels and the Tigers respectively. Not saying that the NL doesn't have any major talents left, but the AL has definitely gotten scarier. Time will tell how well these truly talented players adapt to life in my favorite league.

The Tigers sign Fielder, and we sign Cody Ross. Something seems slightly off to me...


Lauren said...

It just kind of makes me want to hire Scott Boras to handle MY salary negotiations.

sportsattitudes said...

Agree 100% on everything you've written here. Laughable contract...and my reaction has nothing to do with the fact I'm an American currently looking for his next job. Baseball is an escape. The AL has gotten very, very scary indeed...including in Boston...but for totally different reasons... where they appear to be ok for the most part with the status quo. What is up with that?